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It's A Wrap… I Mean Rap

Ok so to increase activity on this site Mantas and I thought up a new game which is like a group rap.  Ok so the first person writes a line, then the second person has to make a line to rhyme with the previous one, and make a new line of their own.  Ok so to start you guys off i wrote the first line and mantas wrote the next two.  Ok so just to make sure every comment should be in the form of two lines, the first of which rhymes with the second line of the previous comment.  Ok so if you guys wanna do this when you are fucked up it’s fine with me.  Ok so the official rules of who gets to comment when are that you should comment when you feel like you have a “good one” (the criteria of which is up to you and subject to no scrutiny by myself or other persons thus engaged in the activity), and also don’t do two in a row, in otherwords don’t rhyme with your own lines, in other other words don’t comment on your own comment.

Ok so here goes, and seriously if no one comments i actually won’t really mind that much, but ben since you always get the first comment ok so your comment better be pretty good, and it better be ok so in the format previously prescribed by ok so me. Ok so also if you guys could use the comma period format so the first line in a couplet ends in a comma and the second in  period, that means in your post your first line will end in a period and your second in a comma.

Ok so:

I know this guy Ben and he is really dumb,

When I ask him a question all he ever says is “umm”.

He looks like a mouse and his head is made of styrofoam,

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