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Jam of the Month: January '11

Fabolous is at it again, this time with one of his best hits in a while. I know this has been out for a minute but it took me a while to get hip, if you will. Anyway, this one features production from DC’s own (and Harvard’s own) Ryan Leslie, so you know it’s gonna be good.

Fabolous – You Be Killin’ Em

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  1. “After graduating college, Leslie forced his parents to go in the music Industry. They told him he had a better future since he graduated college at age 20. He said he was going to do it for two years and if he didnt like it he will stop.”
    “‘Maybachs and Diamonds’ is a slow, groovy tune about flourishing his partner with more than just material things, like ‘Maybachs and Diamonds.'”

    …He doesn’t sound that impressive.

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