Because you can't find it anywhere else

First podcast?

it’s up

Ben if you want i can go back and manually make your parts louder for the first segment…

also ERIC why cant i get it to work if i upload it to this website

Don't click on these


  1. Don’t insult me. You’re fired.

    Also, when I get a chance I’ll set it up so you can upload to this server and have an actual podcast feed. Then you can get listed on iTunes.

    Also, don’t play copyrighted music or we’ll get sued.

    Also, nowhere near enough superfluous sound effects.

    But awesome.

  2. Look I know president’s names I just didn’t get it right away, okayyy?

    (said in the voice of one of the male models in Zoolander. Either Brint or Minkus but I don’t remeber which is which)

  3. You know how some people have “faces for radio”? I think you guys have “voices for TV.” Either that or “microphones for retards.” I’m not sure that makes any sense but I’m pretty sure it applies to you.

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