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Podcast 4: It's a Real Podcast Now

The new installment of the Ben and Vince podcast has been released.  Get it here.

But, the big news is that the podcast is now an actual podcast.  Like, one you could subscribe to in iTunes.  One to which you could subscribe in iTunes.  One to which you could subscribe to in iTunes by doing the following:

  1. Go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast.
  2. Enter the URL .

And that’s the way you do it.

Don't click on these


  1. As unprofessional as you can get. Also, ad hominem attacks are not appreciated. Please try to keep a civil tone. There were many other things wrong with this podcast but I don’t want to list them all.

  2. If you keep playing copyrighted music, at least make it crappy quality so I don’t get sued as quickly. And good job not recording any cell phone static this time.

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