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Podcast 7: "Special" Guest Star

Here‘s a new podcast.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. Again with the product placement?!?! This episode was like a non-stop ad for every product ever made. Jeez. If you really need cash that badly, I can lend you some. But I would only do that under the condition that you would stop producing these terrible shows.

  2. having been a guy on radio, i have a couple thoughts
    1) I definitely have a “voice for photographs”
    2) it’s weird because like, after recording that… live, of course, i forgot what we talked about (i guess i’m amnesiac). so then, listening to the conversation right now was just like hearing it for the first time, so i would react and think things in my head. then a second later i’d hear myself saying those things on air, almost word for word. it’s really weird.

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