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Caution: This Story Is About Hookers

To bring guests into our dorms, you need to sign them in at the front desk. Even hookers, apparently.

So my roommates had a cold, and decided the best thing to treat it would be a soda from 7-Eleven. On our way to the late night trading post, we passed through the lobby, where I saw a rather uncommon person. This girl was wearing black leather knee high boots, a black mini skirt and black shirt. She had a black purse, too. She was a woman of the night, and had been ordered by a dorm resident.

How do I know that she is a hooker and not just your average, run of the mill slut? Well, because she gave my roommate her card. That is how I know.

I suppose this means that hooker season is now upon us, and we will see a multitude of street walkers in the days to come.

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  1. Hahahaha. What’s with your titles though! “Warning: Schemes”, “Caution: This Story Is About Hookers”, I mean jeez, we can take it Mantas. You don’t need to warn us away. Let your stories warn for themselves!!

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