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On the Use of Airheads Candy as a Component in Electrical Circuits.

Using an MS8264 digital multimeter, I have determined that airheads candy, removed from its wrapper and left flat, can be used as an electrically resistive material.  A 1-inch section of the candy was found to have a resistance of approximately 70 Megohms.  The resistance of the material as a function of length follows an approximately linear taper; two inches from the end, the resistance was found to be 135 megohms.  At three inches, the resistance was found to be approximately 180 megohms.  The net resistance, end to end, of the candy, exceeded the 200-megohm upper bound of the multimeter.  Consequently, by attaching movable electrical contacts, an airheads candy can be used as a variable resistor/potentiometer.

Use of high currents is probably inadvisable, as the candy may melt.  However, the little I recall from chemistry class seems to suggest that resistance would fall toward zero as the candy melts.  Consequently, the candy may be used as an NTC thermistor.

Further experimentation could not be carried out, because I was hungry.

More to follow.

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