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The Cage Fight

23:20 <benpedxing58> no you’re thinking of someone else

23:20 <mvid> i see

23:20 <benpedxing58> ok well g2g

23:21 <mvid> night

23:21 <benpedxing58> see you… in the cage

23:21 -!- benpedxing58 [] has quit [Leaving…]
As everyone can plainly see, Ben Strauss has challenged me to a cage fight. I have no choice but to accept. Details here:


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  1. yeah, i challenged you. what’re you gonna do about it? fight me in a cage? i’d like to see you try. also why is this taking place on christmas? so jesus can witness how badly you get beaten? well, you’re going to have to do a lot of turning the other cheek, if you know what i mean. CAGE MATCH ON!!!!

    you can bring guns to a cage match, right?

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