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Jam of the Month: October '11

I don’t normally recommend albums to my friends, but when I do, I recommend Wale albums. Also, I make sure to make my recommendations in the form of an outdated meme based on TV commercials that were funny like two years ago. Anyway, Wale’s new album, Ambition comes out tomorrow, and you should all go buy it. Why should you buy it? Because it is sure to be an instant classic which will forever change the world, and also because Wale is awesome and he puts on for the DMV (undoubtedly the only rapper to ever shout out Gaithersburg in a song). In fact, why don’t you go stand in line to go buy it right now. I’ll wait.


Well, now that you’ve come back from the record store and listened to the album a few times, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about this song. So I will just say that it is a jam. Of the month. Last month. You’re late. Why didn’t you read this yesterday?

Wale – Focused ft. Kid Cudi

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  1. Here is the second rap ever to shout out Gaithersburg:

    If you’re going and hating on Gaithersburg
    Then you better go awaythersburg
    Or I’m gonna make you paythersburg
    And never let you back in to Gaithersburg

    Sent with my gloves on

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