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Podcast 88: This Is Definitely a Podcast

The new podcast is sick!

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  1. My prayers have been answered. One of you is dead. You seem to have become even more annoying in the afterlife, which probably makes sense if you think about it. My next prayer is for this show to have any shred of continuity so that you stay dead in the next episode. Oh, right, this season is “free-form.” That’s just an excuse to be even sloppier than usual, I assume. Man, this show has really gone downhill. I remember Season 1, when it was the best show on the Internet… I call that the Golden Age. (Arguably the first half of Season 2 belongs in there too, but that’s an argument for another time.) Now the writing is just lazy and your characters have been reduced to broad stereotypes. Why don’t you just end it already??? I guess as long as you’re still raking in those big bucks from the Nova Scotia tourism bureau, you have no reason to stop… I just wish one of you had the tiniest bit of integrity. Too much to hope for in today’s day and age, I guess.

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