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Podcast 103: Missed the Mark

Ben and Vince are back with a timely update.

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  1. The ultimate in the ever-expanding “two dudes hanging out” genre of podcasts. You might wonder what more could be said in this space, but 103 episodes in, Ben and Vince’s effortless mastery of the craft has never been more evident. They might not be the most famous or well-connected podcast hosts (you won’t see Paul Rudd dropping in here), but they’ve been around since almost the beginning, and their experience shows. From’s inscrutable automotive choices, to the benefits of filing quarterly, these two longtime friends find something humorous and relatable in every corner of life. This episode includes a guest star or two which always adds to the fun and to the deep shared universe Ben and Vince have been casually building over the last 100+ episodes. (If you haven’t heard it yet, the recent highly anticipated 100th episode was a standout and a great jumping-on point.) You might never know when a new Ben and Vince Show will drop, but it’s invariably a highlight of the week when it does. Here’s to 100 more episodes – let’s just hope the studio doesn’t move again!

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