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Stamm's Quote of the Week (9/10/07)

Ok so I believe this was originally said by Mohandas Gandhi, and you know if I’m wrong then whatever I don’t really care.  It’s not as important who said it as what was said.  This quote speaks a little to the problem of self-centeredness.

“Your problem is that you need bigger problems”

– Gandhi

Stamm's Quote of the Week – 9/03/07

Ok, so it’s that time of the week again, or like that day of the week again, yeah you know what I mean.  Umm so like I wasn’t really prepared for this week because is came by pretty fast and all, but this quote comes all the way to us from someone named Anonymous.  I don’t really know if he said it, but I don’t know who said it, so as far as I’m concerned it was Anonymous.  Umm so like this quote is sort of a variation on something Confucius was said to have said.  The quote is:  “Be wary of those who have found, put your trust in those who are still searching.”

Stamm's Quote of the Week: 8/27/07

Ok so I’m starting a weekly quote section here on Every Monday from now on I’ll post a quote unless I don’t. But what are the chances of that happening? Anyway here is my first submission. It has been attributed to my good friend Anonymous.

“Humility is important and for that reason I hope this quote is never attributed to me”

– Anonymous

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