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Quoth the Raven: Nevermore

Guys, I’m all out of quotes, except for the one that I used for the title (Edgar Allan Poe). Actually I’m just really lazy, umm if I get enough feedback from people who want me to continue this feature, then I might continue, otherwise sayonara (also my biggest idol just discontinued his feature and I don’t know how to go on doing my feature anymore, even though it required little if any effort at all). Also I’m too silly of a person to keep doing serious quotes, so maybe I’ll change the format and make the quotes funnier? But probably not. Instead of reading what people have said, my suggestion to you, the reader, is to go out and say things yourself, so that you won’t have to rely on others who are mostly dead for inspiration and you can find it in your own life wherefore it more directly applies to thou… I mean you. So I lied… here is my last quote:


– Michael Stamm

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  1. What!!!! This feature is the only thing holding this website together! You better be lying about this! “Goodbye”- what kind of a quote is that? Get back here you yellow-bellied quotesman!

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