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Help Me Obscure Porn, You're My Only Hope

Here at Obscure Porn, we have striven to put out high quality content from day 1. However, after 13 years in the business, it’s pretty clear that this comedy thing isn’t really working out for us. Like Luke before he trains with Yoda, we just don’t have what it takes (especially since Ben Strauss went over to the dark side and started writing exclusively for the Cornell Psychopath). That is why I’m please to announce that Obscure Porn will be shifting its focus to Star Wars news and lore, effective immediately. We’ll be your one stop shop for everything happening a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, from what’s hot in Hoth to the latest decisions from the Jedi Council.

When it comes to Star Wars, this is the site you’re looking for.

edit: Drew, you aren’t welcome here.

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