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Jam of the Month: October '11

I don’t normally recommend albums to my friends, but when I do, I recommend Wale albums. Also, I make sure to make my recommendations in the form of an outdated meme based on TV commercials that were funny like two years ago. Anyway, Wale’s new album, Ambition comes out tomorrow, and you should all go buy it. Why should you buy it? Because it is sure to be an instant classic which will forever change the world, and also because Wale is awesome and he puts on for the DMV (undoubtedly the only rapper to ever shout out Gaithersburg in a song). In fact, why don’t you go stand in line to go buy it right now. I’ll wait.


Well, now that you’ve come back from the record store and listened to the album a few times, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you about this song. So I will just say that it is a jam. Of the month. Last month. You’re late. Why didn’t you read this yesterday?

Wale – Focused ft. Kid Cudi

Jam of the Month: September '11

Okay. So here we go. This is a JAM. You may have heard this song. It’s the first single from Rihanna’s new album, whatever that is going to be. I’m not really sure why this is Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris, since she sings about 15 words in the whole song. It’s really Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna, but I guess that wouldn’t move as many units. Whatever. The point is it’s a JAM. This might be the best song of the year. Although it’s probably not better than Party Rock Anthem. We’ll see.

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

Jam of the Month: August '11

Time for some country (country pop?) music.  This song is kind of sad if you listen to the words, but whatever.  I like the way it sounds, and August was a pretty good month so it didn’t really bother me since it’s a pretty happy-sounding song.  The Band Perry is pretty good; I hope they come out with some more hitz.

Also, the video is kind of not that great… oh well

Also, i KNOW this came out like a year ago but it’s still new for most of us so i don’t care

The Band Perry – If I Die Young

Jam of the Month: June '11

Hey, Jam of the Month is actually on time for once!  This month, Calvin Harris is back, and he is back with a venJAMce.  And by that I mean this song is a jam.  That was actually a really stupid pun so please forget I said it.

Also, the first related video is worth a watch.

Calvin Harris ft. Kelis – Bounce

Jam of the Month: May '11

And now for someone of whom you’ve never heard. I guess Timeflies is some sort of rapper/producer pop/hip-hop/dubstep team-up. So… there’s that. Also, I really don’t like dubstep. But as the kids say, this is a hot track. Really!

Timeflies – Lose My Mind

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