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Podcast 28: Season Finale

The last podcast in Ben and Vince Season 1!

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  1. You really had my hopes up there for a second when I thought Ben was dead. I was all like, “one down, one to go!” I hope the future Ben is still alive though, so I can ask him if your terrible show is still going 1000 years from now. If not, then at least I’ll know that I can wait you guys out. Also, does the fact that this is the end of Season 1 mean that there’s gonna be a long break before Season 2? I certainly hope so.

  2. During my last Sunday show, I criticized Ben about his stand on issues. After some harsh listener feedback, I would like to offer Ben a chance to explain himself.

    Ben, I challenge you to come on my show and argue with me about issues.

    There, listeners, it is out now. Ball is in Ben’s court. I don’t anticipate him getting over his cowardice, but you fanboys can believe whatever you want.

    Vince can come too.

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