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Last Hope for Humanity

We know the zombacolypse /z??m?b?? k.??.l?ps/ is coming, that debate has long passed. We also know that I possess a higher knowledge of undead interaction than the general public*. For this reason, I implore OP readers to pitch in** and buy me the shirt from this site, you will know which one. Or, just get it for me that badass and time-consuming IPA version of zombacolypse. Talk to me for info on where to have it sent.

* I know you guys are trained well in the zombie curriculum I set out for you, but i haven’t seen the near insane zeal towards zombie preparation in you guys that people tell me I have.

** Erk, why don’t we have a Donation button? Ugh, just buy the shirt directly amongst yourselves and have it sent to me.

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  1. Wow, soliciting for money over the Internet? I remember the good old days when you used to do that (violently) in person. What happened to the world? Nothing is real anymore.

  2. I’ll give you 8 dollars to buy the shirt, but you’re gonna have to come pick it up from me. Otherwise I’ll send it to you, but it’ll cost 10 dollars for shipping and handling. Please send me 2 dollars.

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