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Warning: Schemes

Man, I am very into coming up with awesome ideas, but being unable to carry them to fruition.

[1:20] <Mantas> help me think of some of the stuff we did
[1:20] <Mantas> the crazy plans
[1:21] <Mantas> that never got finished
[1:21] <Grog> there are so many
[1:21] <Grog> nigh-infinity

Let’s have a list of some of the ones I remember:

Cookies for everyone funding, ninja outfits, making our own coca cola, graffiti, making an AIM AI with a true personality, Parkour, 3D Pool, “Grammar Team vs. The Murder Monkey”, making a 3 foot ballista capable of firing a ping pong ball into a brick wall, Bacon Fridays, the Zelda MAN skit, The fully physics programmed “Gullivers Travels 2: Gullivers Revenge” stick figure fighting game, making, engaging in a Spartan training program, hacking/ questionably legal stuff, my kickass gigantic capture the flag game, flaming nunchaku/whip, the Caleb Survival Guide, telling Henry Scher he is Caleb, the Triumvirate of me nick and david, the Great Trip, the Lesser Trip, Thermite, Neo-Darwinian Dogma, write a comic for silver chips, This versus That, changing construction road signs, senior magnet picnic, etc.

Now, by no means have I given up on any of these. I just don’t usually remember them enough to make any forward progress with them.

i will continue adding to this list if i remember more

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  1. Hey now – 3D Pool and Grammar Team were both technically “finished” – for grades at least. And Bacon Fridays were definitely not “never finished” – they were my sole greatest accomplishment at Blair – hands down.

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