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Podcast 20: Where's My Burrito

so my justice lecture got cancelled today and i had 4 hours off. nice.

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  1. OK, so way to not know that Powerup Comics are actually a parody of bad webcomics. You’re so stupid for not realizing that. Also, you have a justice lecture? Who’s the teacher? Jimmy Justice? What do they teach you, how to do the Right Hook of Justice? What’s your textbook, Street Law? Too many questions, and no answers.

  2. Thanks a lot, jerks. When I was listening to this someone else mentioned Chipotle, and two Chipotle mentions at the same time is too clear a sign not to go. Now I have to eat a burrito.

    In a non-sarcastic way, thanks for the shout out. I appreciate being recognized every once in a while.

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