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Podcast 104: Podcastception

In 10 years, we’ve gained the capability to podcast for more than 4 minutes without taking a break.  A lot more.

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  1. Episode 104: Podcastception

    On their tenth-anniversary episode, Ben and Vince settle into their new studio, take an in-depth look at an infamous Garfield cartoon, and most importantly, discuss the need for a Ben and Vince wiki. They revisit episode #1 of the show and find a lot to dislike.

    Cast (in order of appearance): Vince, Ben

    Date: November 14, 2017

    Running Time: 1:56:00

    Topics discussed [This list is incomplete. You can help the Ben and Vince Wiki by adding content]:

    • Whether or not caring is cool
    • Shows that have lasted only one episode
    • Fetch Coffee
    • Built-in Windows games
    • Garfield
    • Winning the lottery
    • Halloween costumes

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