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Soopreem Kourt Punz

Carl Justin and Jimmy Justice have been appointed the newest members of the Supreme Court. They really hate each other and they get in a big argument about which one of them is the fairer judge. It turns into a contest decided by the other members of the Supreme Court, and the eventual result is a tie. Carl is dejected so he goes to the Renaissance Faire, one of his favorite things to do. They have an event set up where you can joust a cardboard cutout of a jester that you can move up and down on the horse (to get it at the correct height where you can hit it). Carl does it and barely manages to knock the jester down. The media gets ahold of this whole story, and on the evening news that day, one of the anchors says:

This just in: Justice Justin is just as just as Justice Justice, and is just able to joust the adjustable jester.

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  1. So this was your long-awaited return to Wait, never mind, no one was awaiting this for any length of time. Anyway you suck.

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