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  1. oh man so awesome. but i’m wondering about all those corporate sponsors you’ve got on there. is there something i don’t know? is obscure porn getting tons of money? why haven’t i seen any of that?

  2. Ben I don’t think you know how corporate sponsors work. You see, we here at Obscure Porn pay Vince to put our name on his car, not the other way around, then hopefully people (aka suckers) will see him racing and go to our site, generating revenue for us. However seeing as he posted the picture of his car on our site, I don’t see how this helps us at all, since people any sucker who sees the car is already at our site. So really if anything we’re giving out tons of money. In conclusion, there is something you don’t know, but we don’t owe you money, you owe OP tons of money, and I’ll be by later today to collect and return your X-Men book.

  3. No I’m not talking about the OP logo, I’m talking about all the 3M, Mobil, skype, DirecTV, etc. logos. Though I guess that money would also just go to the Vincemobile, along with our money. also you definitely failed to follow through on your promise there.

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