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Oh Right

I totally forgot, the new issue (PDF, SFW, SASE) has been up for a few weeks.  Don’t judge.

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  1. You’re expanding into print?! No. No. You will not be the last nail in the coffin of print media. I’ll take you all down! Starting with you, Obscure Juror. (that’s this website’s mascot, right?)

  2. Also is OP becoming a place where you can just show everyone what you’ve been doing? Like YOUR humor magazine and YOUR podcasts, I know the “bs” in “obscure” stands for Ben Strauss, but the “o” stands for ovryone else, and that comes first!

  3. listen if you have a complaint about me posting crap that i’ve done here, you’re gonna want to take it up with mantas. he’s the one who insisted i put this up.
    plus, the “o” also stands for Ben Strauss.

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