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Jam of the Month: August '11

Time for some country (country pop?) music.  This song is kind of sad if you listen to the words, but whatever.  I like the way it sounds, and August was a pretty good month so it didn’t really bother me since it’s a pretty happy-sounding song.  The Band Perry is pretty good; I hope they come out with some more hitz.

Also, the video is kind of not that great… oh well

Also, i KNOW this came out like a year ago but it’s still new for most of us so i don’t care

The Band Perry – If I Die Young

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  1. The freezeframe on the youtube video shows a guy with the words “Band Perry” for a head holding an accordion, a girl with a guitar, and a necktie with a torso and a mouth plucking like a bass or something. Yeah, not that great.

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