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Back by popular demand

The new podcast is up… next time I won’t take so long. You can get it here.

Also: We are (supposedly) working on making it an actual podcast.

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  1. DAMN YOU BEN AND VINCE! Did I really have to hear FREE when I’m in a different state from you?

    But also, seeing as how I’m on vacation, here’s how you make it a real podcast:
    1. In all of the posts about the podcast, include a link to that episode, instead of telling people to go to the podcast page.
    2. Go to and sign up with the Feed URL of
    3. Hopefully, if you set everything w/Feedburner as a podcast, it’ll take the podcast episodes and give you a real podcast feed.

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll set something else up next week.

  2. I did all that but it didnt work because

    The trouble: For podcasters, the web server hosting your audio does not report the correct content MIME type for your podcast files; FeedBurner doesn’t create podcast enclosures for these files.

    The fix: Make sure your web server is configured to return “audio/mpeg” as a MIME type for your audio files (or whatever the appropriate type for your podcast media may be). This confirmation may require some help from your hosting provider if you do not manage your own web server.

  3. looks to me like the problem is that it needs a feed where the only contents are podcast files. the general OP feed has all sorts of things

  4. no thats not the problem it picks out all the links and then only takes the ones that are audio files so it disregards everything else, as it’s supposed to. the problem is that it also disregards the podcasts because of waht i said above

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